What is a Local Project?

Local Projects are non-AGI affiliated non-profits that participate with the Wichita Alternative Gift Market to raise money for their own causes. Every year, the Wichita Alternative Gift Market invites Local Projects to participate. We do this for two reasons:

  1. We believe that the Wichita Alternative Gift Market (WAGM) builds our local community by bringing together like-minded people for this fun, educational and philanthropic event. By inviting local organizations to participate, we share the wealth with folks who might not otherwise find us.
  2. Our success is dependent upon sales – and sales are driven by attendance. We invite local partners to participate in the hopes that their fans will attend to support them, and in the process come to know – and eventually support – the work of Alternative Gifts International.

Local projects for 2017 were:

Sample insert & ornament/bookmark (Circles Network)

Sample local project insert and ornament/bookmark (Wichita Circles Network)

We also invite several local nonprofits as vendors each year to sell tangible items, such as fair-trade foods and handmade crafts. Please see the Local Vendors tab for more information.

Multiple Wichita food assistance programs and shelters have also received funding from AGI. Over the years, more than $50,000 has been granted to recipients such as Anthony Family Shelter, Catholic Charities, Episcopal Social Services Venture House and Breakthrough Club, Inter-Faith Ministries, Kansas Food Bank, New Hope’s Helping Hands, Partners for Wichita’s “Filling the Gap” program, The Lord’s Diner, Wichita Children’s Home, and the  the Wichita Family Crisis Center. These grants are distributed to programs in North America each year based on nominations by market volunteers. For more info, see the entry for “How does AGI select food pantries and shelters for it’s ‘Hungry/Homeless Americans Project” on AGI’s FAQ page.


Local projects for 2016 were: Dear Neighbor Ministries, Episcopal Migration Ministries (formerly EWARM), Heartspring, Roth Project (Alzheimer’s Association – Central & Western Kansas), West High School OWLS (Outdoor Wildlife Learning Site), Wichita Circles Network, Wichita Family Crisis Center (formerly YWCA Women’s Crisis Center)

Sample local project insert & ornament

Sample local project insert & ornament

The local projects for 2015 were: Dear Neighbor Ministries, EmberHope (Youthville), Fairmount GoZones, Partners for Wichita: Filling the Gap: Wichita Circles Network, and the YWCA Women’s Crisis Center.

Local vendors for 2015 were: East Heights United Methodist Church (cookbooks), Olive Branch Mission African Jewelry Project, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Kansas (wall calendars), Fair Trade Fans Wichita/Newton (featuring Ten Thousand Villages products), and Wichita Women’s Initiative Network.


The Local Projects for 2014 were: Dear Neighbor Ministries, Fairmount GoZones, Head to Toe Hygiene Pantry, and Urban Younglife.

Local vendors for 2014 were: Grace Presbyterian Church, Olive Branch Mission African Jewelry Project, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Kansas, Wichita Audubon Society, and Wichita Women’s Initiative Network.


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