Past markets


The 2017 market held in Wichita, Kansas raised $35,070.21 to sponsor important projects in Wichita, the US and all around the world! Thank you to all of our volunteers, sponsors, co-partners, and committed supporters for making this a successful market!

Local projects such as Heartspring, YWCA Wichita Farm Crisis, and Circles raised $3,464.06

Mini Markets sponsored by our Co-Partners brought in an additional $4,467.21


On the day of the 2016 market Wichita raised $26,740* to sponsor important projects in Wichita, the US and around the world! That’s enough for:

  • 9 children to attend Autism CARE Club (Heartspring, Wichita), and
  • 23 pounds of native grass seed for gardens at West High (Outdoor Wildlife Learning Site, Wichita), and
  • 21 childrens’ coats (Dear Neighbor Ministries, Wichita), and
  • 54 weeks of community support for families (Wichita Circles Network), and
  • 31 nights of food and shelter for victims/children (Wichita Family Crisis Center, formerly YWCA Women’s Crisis Center), and
  • 12 personalized ipods for people with dementia (Roth Project, “Music & Memory,” Alzheimer’s Association, Wichita), and
  • 25 personal care kits (Episcopal Migration Ministries, Wichita), and
  • 15 families to start family farms in Haiti, and
  • 7 kitchen gardens for families in Belize, Honduras, and Panama, and
  • 156 people to receive groceries for a day in the US, and
  • 38 people to learn how to grow food for 00A04 Green Grows the Garden (Haiti), and
  • 28 week’s worth of milk & cookies to end malnutrition in Guatemala, and
  • 555 books for school libraries, and
  • 11 orphaned children to be fed for 1 month in Mexico, and
  • 42 tutorial sessions for children in the Philippines, and
  • 160 street kids to receive life skills & in India, and
  • 15 children to receive school supplies in Haiti, and
  • 57 months of sewing classes for Dalit women in India, and
  • 5 women to recieve business loans and training to start a new enterprise in Egypt, and
  • 18 trafficking victims to be rescued in Asia and Caribbean, and
  • 16 girls to receive school supplies and clothes in Kenya, and
  • 70 backpacks filled with medicine in Burma/Myanmar, and
  • 29 bicycles sent to deliver supplies and medicine in Africa, and
  • 18 safe birthing kits for mothers in DR Congo, Haiti, and S. Sudan, and
  • 6 wheelchairs for independence and dignity, and
  • 11 AIDS patients to receive medicine for one year in Swaziland, and
  • 23 wool mattresses for children in Tibet, China, and
  • 41 pairs of replacement shoes for children with leg braces in DR Congo, and
  • 17 water pumps for fresh water wells in S. Sudan, and
  • 242 acres of forest conserved to protect the orangutan’s home in Indonesia/Asia Pacific, and
  • seeds for 104 family gardens in Tanzania, and
  • 650 trees planted in Haiti, and
  • a weeks’ worth of food for 208 regugee families in Crisis along Syria’s Border, and
  • training materials for 14 teachers, and
  • 11 start-up micro-loans!!!

* That amount does not include funds raised by vendors to support charitable missions, or funds raised at “mini-markets” (table-top markets) by co-sponsoring organizations after the market, throughout the Holiday season.

Save the date for Saturday, November 11, 2017 and join us for a fun, ecumenical, city-wide market experience! Learn about ways you can give gifts that have a positive impact on the world — gifts that sustain the earth, promote peace and justice, and address the needs of our local and global neighbors. The 2017 market will be hosted at University Congregational Church in Northeast Wichita.


2015 marked the 21st year for the Wichita Alternative Gift Market. The Market is held on the 2nd Saturday of November each year. Special thanks to our market location for 2015: East Heights United Methodist Church!

Below are the results of fundraising on Market Day, Nov. 14, 2015.

WAGM 2015 results map from AGI

Since 1995, Wichitans have shopped at the Wichita Alternative Gift Market, hosted by a growing number of churches, schools, and businesses that raise money for dozens of humanitarian and environmental projects. The market features projects from the Alternative Gifts International catalog, fair trade and handmade gifts from local vendors, holiday music and a relaxing atmosphere.

Special thanks to Grace Presbyterian Church, who hosted the market for nearly 20 years. Here are the total amounts raised at the Wichita Alternative Gift Market over the previous years:

Year  Total
2015  $ 30,360
2014  $ 29,016
2013  $ 28,676
2012  $ 27,233
2011  $ 29,971
2010  $ 23,467
2015-2016 AGI catalog

2015-2016 AGI catalog

The Wichita Alternative Gift Market is not just an event; it is a community of people who care. It is not just a shopping day; it is an opportunity to make our world a better place. It is not religious, nor political, nor commercial; it is an alternative to the holiday frenzy and a unique way to experience the golden rule.

The concept began in the early 1980’s and has grown throughout the USA thanks to hundreds of congregations, social clubs, inter-faith groups and schools hosting similar markets. Wichita hosts one of the largest markets in the nation.

For more information please contact Alternative Gifts International at 316-269-0635 or email