Local Project Guidelines

All local projects for 2017 have been selected. The committee may consider early applications for the 2018 market.

The Wichita Alternative Gift Market (WAGM) may sponsor several local projects. A local project may be sponsored by the WAGM for a total of three years and then must take a break for at least one year before reapplying and being considered for another three-year term. Your agency or organization must sponsor an Alternative Gifts International project the year prior to your three-year term or during the first year of your three-year term. If your agency is interested in applying, please consider the application criteria below.

Application Criteria:

  • Local Projects must be administered by responsible agencies with a history of credibility.
  • Local Projects must verify not-for-profit tax-exempt status by submitting proof of their (c) tax exemption status.
  • Local Projects must meet an urgent need in the south-central Kansas region.
  • Local Projects must help preserve the environment or promote the welfare and self-development of people who suffer poverty or disability.
  • Local Projects may not sell any tangible goods at the Market.
  • Local Projects must use the funds they raise at the Market for the uses they specify on the shopping list.
  • The host organization has the option to invite a mission they support to be a Local Project.
  • The WAGM Steering Committee making the selection of Local Projects may be more likely to consider organizations with smaller operating budgets.

Application Process:

  • Agencies may make application to the WAGM Steering Committee by submitting the attached application. Attach additional pages if more space is needed (i.e., Project Description).
  • Local Projects are usually selected by mid-July.
  • Local Projects which are in the second or third year of their relationship with the Market do not need to reapply each year but do need to confirm with the WAGM Steering Committee by the end of July that they want to continue to be a local project for that year.

 Agencies selected as Local Projects must:

  • Sponsor an Alternative Gifts International project the year prior to your three-year term or during the first year of your three-year term.
  • Invite attendance at the WAGM through your newsletters, posters, e-mail, and other media. Materials to help in this effort are available from Alternative Gifts International and/or the WAGM Steering Committee.
  • Have a consistent contact person who will communicate with WAGM staff and help at the WAGM.
  • Provide a description of the project for the WAGM gift card inserts no later than October 1, via e-mail to:  agi@alternativegifts.org.
  • Decorate a six- or eight- foot table for WAGM day with items that tell about your project.
  • Make 100 ornaments that show or tell something about the project. Ideally, the agency name should be somewhere on the ornament. These will be given to shoppers who select your project on WAGM day.
  • Gift card inserts will be provided for you at the WAGM.  Each selected agency must submit a description of their project that should:
  1. a) Be about 150 words (around 10 sentences) in length. Give the name of the organization and a short description of the mission.
  2. b) Describe the specific project the organization has chosen as the Local Project for the WAGM.
  3. c) Give a 3-4 word project heading which can fit in this sentence:  A gift of _______________ has been sent in your honor.” For example, “A gift of Creativity for At-Risk Youth has been sent in your honor.”
  4. d) Include a clear sentence at the end of the description that tells what a donation to your project will accomplish. For example: “Your gift provides art supplies for at-risk youth campers at Legacy Camp.”
  5. e) Decide on suggested donation (dollar amounts) that will be on the WAGM shopping list. Please supply two suggested giving levels (ideally, one below $10 and one below $25) and tell what those amounts will buy. For example: “$ 5 buys a student’s art supplies for one class, $ 25 buys a student’s art supplies for a week.”

A check for the money donated to your project at the WAGM and the after-markets will be mailed to the address you provide.

For more information, please contact the Alternative Gifts International (AGI) office in Wichita at 316-269-0635 or 1-800-842-2243, or by email at agi@alternativegifts.org.

Local Project Application Guidelines 2016 (Provided for reference only. If you would like an updated application in order to be considered for the 2018 market, please contact AGI.)